OPTION 1: Support RIDE FOREVER with a monthly donation

Suggested Amounts

This program lets you contribute a small recurring donation every month to fund important ongoing work.

OPTION 2: Donate one or more bikes


If this is a gift or memorial, please provide the following:

For your bike donation of $88.00 you will receive a picture of the girl who received your bike, holding your picture. 

OPTION 3: Donate any amount

Suggested Amounts

Add $17.00 per bike

In all of the countries in which we work, the actual cost of buying and endowing a bike exceeds $88. We make up the difference with unrestricted donations, grants, and a little extra help from our donors. If you feel you can add a few extra bucks to the cost of your bike and make each bike an Enhanced Bike, we thank you! 



Almost done, where should we send the confirmation?

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